About Drug Treatment Courts

Drug Treatment Courts, DTC's, are highly innovative court programs that emphasize treatment, rather than incarceration for people who struggle with drug addiction and related crime. Standing before a judge facing real consequences for criminal activity can be an incredible motivator for change. DTC offers an alternative to prison and provides viable means for reintegration into communities and families.

DTC registrants are offered treatment, counselling and lifestyle support to ensure they don't re-offend in the future. During the program compliance is regulated by regular court appearances and frequent drug testing.

For people with addictions, the process is a life changing one.

  • According to recent studies, only 3% of graduates ever re-offend - concrete proof of positive change.
  • DTC participants report greatly improved physical wellness and psychological health.

For the community at large, the effects of addiction recovery in this manner are also far-reaching.

  • The cost of DTC administered treatment is considerably lower than the estimated $65,000-75,000 per year it costs to incarcerate a convicted offender in Canada.
  • Families are reunited
  • Costs of crime are reduced
  • Clients in recovery are able to work, pay taxes and become contributing members of society.
  • Lower incidence of addiction related petty crime.
  • Reduced reliance on public health services.