Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Toronto Drug Treatment Court?

The Toronto Drug Treatment Court is located at the Old City hall Courthouse. Addictions treatment is provided through CAMH, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Is this program for me?

If you are addicted to Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, other Opiates or Meth and are facing criminal charges before a Toronto court, this could be the right program for you.

How can the program help me?

The program can help you reduce drug use and criminal activity, keeping you out of prison.

What kind of criminal charges will the Drug Treatment Court accept?

The Court cannot accept all charges. If you are charged with a violent crime such as assault or breaking into a home you cannot apply to the TDTC. Non-violent charges such as drug trafficking and petty theft can be accepted by the court if an assessment reveals that the crimes were committed because of your addiction.

What happens to my charges?

In order to register with the TDTC you must plead guilty to the charges. Upon entering a guilty plea you will not be sentenced to prison. Instead you will participate in the CAMH treatment program. If you successfully complete the TDTC program, you won't be sent to jail.

I think this program could help me. How do I get in?

First you must apply to the court and provide information about your charges, criminal record and addiction. You must have a lawyer help you fill out the TDTC application. If you don't have a lawyer, help can be found at the Duty Counsel office. If you are already in custody, you can ask to speak to Duty Counsel at Court and ask for help with the application process.

I have more questions about the program. Who can I talk to?

Because the Court is located ant the Old city Hall courthouse, you or your worker can call the Duty Counsel office at Old city Hall at 416-594-9300. You can also come to the Duty Counsel office at Old City Hall to ask about the program in person.