Eligibility Requirements

Who can register with the TDTC?

Not everyone facing drug related charges is eligible to register for Drug Treatment Court.

The TDTC ordinarily screens out applicants who:

  • are charged with:
    • a significant crime of violence;
    • trafficking in drugs for commercial gain;
    • committing a drug offence in circumstances that raise concerns about drug-impaired driving or risk to young people;or
    • committing a residential break-and-enter;
  • have a recent and/or significant history of violence;
  • are currently serving a conditional sentence or intermittent sentence

Accused persons charged with offences that were motivated by addiction are encouraged to apply. The TDTC generally accepts adult offenders who are dependant on cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin or other opiates, or methamphetamine. After being accepted, indivduals must:

  • Sign a waiver agreeing to be bound by the terms of the program.
  • Plead guilty to their offence.
  • Begin counselling almost immediately. Provided through CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.)

Candidates are identified by the Crown Prosecutor, Duty Counsel, private Defence Counsel, Judges, police officers, probation officers, community treatment partners or they self identify.

In all cases potential registrants are given 30 days to reconsider their decision to participate in the program. During this period they can choose to withdraw from the program and go back into the regular system.