Graduation Criteria

How do participants graduate from the program?

The TDTC program lasts a minimum of one year during which time participants must demonstrate the following:

  • Control over their addiction and a minimum of three months of abstinence from all substances (excluding alcohol and marijuanna)  immediately prior to graduation
  • Evidence of stable housing
  • Employment or registration in a job training program, shool or confirmed volunteer work
  • No new convictions in the three months prior to graduate date

Throughout the year, they are offered encouragement and recognition from the TDTC, CAMH and the program's judge through incentives.

Graduating from Drug Treatment Court is not easy.

Recovery work is difficult and the Drug Treatment Court program does have a rigorous schedule.  Our graduate testity to the fact that the work is well worth the effort and as a result, they are able to face the future having broken the cycle and with new hope for the future.