Random Drug Testing

Random drug testing is a central component of the TDTC program and is a court requirement.

Random Urine Collection

Random urine collection means that the date on which clients will be required to provide a urine sample will change from week to week.

How does the program work?

At the beginning of the program, each client is assigned a colour group. Every day, a colour is randomly selected by computer to determine which group will provide a sample.


On a daily basis, clients are required to call the TDTC to find out which number is coming up. If their colour is chosen, they must come in to the lab to provide a sample.

The number is: 1-877-524-9095

Important things to remember about urine screens

Urine screens are highly sensitive.

Clients should take note that some drugs, both prescription and non-prescription may show as positive in a urine sample.  As such, participants are to share (with their therapist) use of  prescription and non-prescription drugs, as well as appropriate documentation.

Fluid intake.

It is important not to consume a large quantity of fluids before a test. Clients whose screens show that the urine has been diluted will be asked to provide extra samples,  most likely first thing the next morning.

Tampering with samples.

Tampering with samples or missing a screen will result in court-imposed sanctions, which may, in some cases, include discharge from the program.